Safety First

We have a fantastic hobby! There is tons to learn about, lots of great experiments to try, and many good friends to share the fruits of our labor with.

All that aside, we do need to remember there is a constant need to pay attention to safety. We work with large volumes of boiling liquids. We work near open flames. We have propane cylinders full of flammable gas and CO2 cylinders full of invisible gas which could potentially asphyxiate you if release in an enclosed space.

I had a reminder of this need for safety this weekend. Burned Fingers I had finished brewing my latest batch of Maibock and was cleaning up to get to an afternoon appointments. Because I was thinking about getting going I did not have my full attention on the process, and I did not leave my brew kettle cool long enough before flipping it over to drain. A second of contact time with hot metal was all it took to remind me of the error in my ways.

The point of this post was not to dissuade anyone from our great hobby, but to serve as a gentle reminder to pay attention to the task at hand and always focus on safety. Cheers!

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