January Meeting Minutes

Mugz Meeting Minutes
Date: 1/29/17
Location: Rebellion Brew Haus


Dues were collected, $30 for a single person, $40 for a couple. If you did not come to this month’s meeting, seek out Nate, our Treasurer, at February’s meeting to pay dues.
Land of the Muddy Waters

November 11th will be the date for Land of the Muddy Waters home brew competition. Brice is looking for volunteers to help set up donations and other behind the scenes items to continue the success of Land of the Muddy Waters competition. Talk to Brice at next meeting to help out.

Mobile Tapping Stand
We received a $100 donation to the club from Cedar Rapids Beer Nuts for support of their festival. We are considering investing the donation to create a mobile tapping
stand / bar for future events which MUGZ serves beer at. Next meeting we will have the second and final vote to approve this use of MUGZ funds.

Homebrew Con 2017
The American Homebrewers Association (AHA) is having their annual convention, Homebrew Con, on June 15 – 17 in Minneapolis. If you are not a member, joining is easy and you get a free monthly magazine. Several people from the club are planing on going, so join the fun and come along for a whole weekend of hombrewing.
American Homebrewers Association: https://www.homebrewersassociation.org/
Homebrew Con 2017: http://www.homebrewcon.org/
The window for the National Homebrew Competition entries opens at the close of the month, so make sure you are a member, subscribe for emails and pay attention if interested. Would love to see some of you making the rounds and getting those medals.

Mystery Mash
This month we gave out 1oz packages of juniper berries as part of a friendly brewing competition. Contestants will add them to a brew over the next few weeks and bring back the results in for our April meeting. Where we all will get to taste and judge the final product. There will be 2 finalist picked Best Beer and Most Interesting. Winners will receive gift cards to U-Brew.

Swap Meet
The club will be hosting a swap meet for beer equipment in the next few months. Be on
the look out for the upcoming meeting where you can bring the equipment you don’t use anymore and trade it for something you can use.

Next meeting we will be raffling off a donated kettle thermometer with the proceeds going to the club.

Eric’s Education Topic
This month’s topic was No Sparging. Sparging is the process of washing/draining the grains after you mash to extract the sugars from the grain to produce your wort. No sparging saves time because you can skip this step, but because you are not extracting all the sugars from the grain you need to use about 25% more grain to get your extra sugars. Also this removes the possibility of over sparging and can be done in a brew bag if you don’t have an all grain set up.

2016 Christmas Party

Hello All,

This years Christmas Party will be held at Radicle Effect Brewerks on December 18th at 3:30 p.m.   It’s a bit later than the meetings normally start, I hope that’s OK with everyone.
I would ask everyone to bring a snack or dish to share.  I feel like we had a TON of good food last year and hope to see the same turnout again.
I’ve already pinned Allison down for her Irish Carbomb Cupcakes!!!
Hope to see you all there!!!

November Meeting

This month’s meeting will be held Sunday the 27th at Rebellion Brew Haus. Break out of your turkey coma and come share your best brews. This month we will go over feedback on Land Of Muddy Waters and get input on what you liked best with the club events/meetings this year and what you want the team to focus on for next year.

Hope to see you there!


October 30th Meeting: Radicle Effect Brewerks

This months meeting will be held at Radicle Effect Brewerks at 2 p.m.  We will be covering the last minute details of Land Of The Muddy Waters competition.  This will be the last meeting before the big day, I hope all can make it.  We will be accepting entries at the meeting if you’d like to bring them.

It is that time of year again, officer nominations.  Be thinking how you would like to help the club in the coming year or two.  There will be a nomination for Junior Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.

Finally, costumes are optional…….




September’s Meeting: Front Street Taproom

This month’s meeting will be at Front Street Taproom, on Sunday the 25th at 2 PM.   Gary from ACCUmash will help us on the educational by giving the group some information on water.   I asked him to give us an overview of their products for hitting target water profiles and also to discuss how to understand and adjust quad cities water (typically very hard water) to best make various styles.
We are also getting closer and closer to the German American Beer event and Land of Muddy Waters, so remember to keep brewing!