July Meeting

Our July meeting will be at Baked Beer and Bread in the East Village of Davenport on July 30th, 2-5 pm. For education, we plan to go over a yeast experiment Justen did. We will also go over upcoming events (Beer nuts, wine walk), and of course sample some beer! Hope to see you all there.


May MUGZ Meeting

Our May meeting will be at O’Keefes (1331 5th Ave, Moline, Illinois 61265) on May 21st from 2-5 PM in the pavillion area. Allison is revisiting yeast for education, with a foucs on more advanced topics. Bring your best fermentations to share with friends. See you there! -John

APRIL Meeting

Our April meeting will return to Radicle Effect Brewerks, 2PM-5PM. This is the Juniper beer challenge event. Bring your Juniper beer and we will see who’s is the winner, who has the most unique and perhaps whom overdid the juniper. 😉 We will also go over Big Brew Day since it will be the weekend following our meeting. See you there! -John

March Club Meeting

For our March meeting Rick Harris of Bootleg Hill Honey Meads will be giving us an education on Mead making, giving the group an update on the Meadery progress and giving us some great samples to try. We will be meeting at Endless Brews, 2-5 PM. Bring your latest brews to share. See you there!


February Meeting

For our February meeting we will be meeting at Baked Beer & Bread in the East Village, 2-4 PM on 2/26. This will be our “swap” meet. Do you have excess gear you don’t use anymore? Bring it to the meeting and swap/donate/sell it to your fellow club members. We will also be rafflng off a brand new thermometer that Rich donated to the club.

Allison will also be leading a discussion on yeast basics, which is always a good reminder for both new and old folks.

Should be a fun a meeting. Look forward to trying some new beers as well, so bring what you got going.