April 24th’s Meeting – Rebellion Brewhaus

April’s meeting is being held at Rebellion Brewhaus. We’ll be unveiling everyone’s ingredient competition beers. If you have a beer to enter you’ll be expected to tell the group your process. Really looking forward to this, hope everyone can make it.

Any questions, just holler.


2 thoughts on “April 24th’s Meeting – Rebellion Brewhaus

  1. I wanted to alert MUGZ to a fun opportunity.

    We are working with Lion Bridge on a Wort Rally for next week. For $30 ($32.64 through Eventbrite) you get 10 gallons of pasteurized, unboiled, unhopped, Disaster at Meux brown porter wort.

    Contestants take the wort and do their own thing to create their own special brew. Then, on Sunday, June 26, starting at 3 PM, the Beer Nuts will be hosting a Pour Event…the Brewers at LB will sample them and render one or more “Best in ???” and they may take the recipe and brew one or two selected entries to be poured at LB.

    There will be a commemorative T-Shirt given to all contestants who bring a beer to pour in June.

    Would our friends at MUGZ be interested in joining us? There are about 9 slots remaining (out of thirty).

    Contact me if you have any questions or require more information (mc_call@netins.net).

    Here is the Eventbrite link…..we are changing some of the details…but it is mainly correct.


    I realize it is somewhat short notice, but the container drop off is next Thursday, April 28th and pick up is on Friday, April 29th (between 3 PM and 8 PM). Contact me if you need another day for drop off, or a later time to pick up on Friday.

    Daryl McCall, Events Coordinator
    Cedar Rapids Beer Nuts

    • Hey Daryl,

      I just saw the note. We need to be better about looking at comments on our website. We have about 4 or 5 people that usually manage the facebook site so we are usually pretty responsive there. I finally tried that beer this weekend and it was awesome. I would have loved to see the different takes on it. Looking forward to this weekend!.

      Brice Swanson

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