2014 AHA Seminars Now Online

The seminars at the American Homebrewers’ Association Conference this year were better than ever. Ron Pattinson’s guide to vintage English beer and John Mallet and Andrea Stanley’s talk on the history of malting (with samples of a 100% traditional brown malt beer) appealed to the history geek in me. Matthew Brown’s Double IPA with no kettle hops blew my mind with its hoppiness. Homebrew celebrities like Randy Mosher, John Palmer, and Ray Daniels gave some great seminars as well.

If you went and couldn’t make it to everything you wanted, or you didn’t get to go at all, but still want to fill your brain with beery goodness (sorry, no samples), check out the AHA site where they’ve posted the slide deck and audio for every.single.seminar. Free if you’re a card carrying AHA member. If you’re not, then it’s time to sign up!


Most seminars had a video camera running as well, so if you’re good at Google, you should be able to find the video for a few of these as well!

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